Family Law from Bauer & Ryan -------- Business Law from Randal J. French
Take a look at how Bauer Ryan or Randal French can help you move forward with family or corporate matters.

Bauer Ryan PLLC

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Divorce | Domestic Relations

If a dispute arises, or if you are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute in Idaho, it is important to have an attorney on your side who is experienced and capable and will work towards a a fair and equitable resolution.

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Custody Modification and Child Relocation

  • Child custody modification.
  • Interstate child custody.
  • Relocation of children.
  • Jurisdictional issues regarding children.
  • Child Support and Spousal Support modification.

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Randal J French PC

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Bauer and French is one of the most experienced bankruptcy firms in Idaho. We take creative approaches to bankruptcy law. We work to preserve the greatest amount of assets while reducing and eliminating as much of your debt as possible. Contact Randal French to find out how we can help.

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Business | Real Estate Law

Our experienced attorneys handle a variety of business and commercial law matters, including advising small businesses, buying and selling businesses, commercial litigation, formation of corporations, partnerships and LLCs, commercial lien foreclosure, and more.

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